FIGHTER_ Where Innovation Meets Safety



A Symphony of Engineering_

/ Unparalleled Mobility /

With a 2500kg GVM and a single axle, your FIGHTER is designed for agility and speed. The drum brakes ensure you have the stopping power when you need it the most.

/ All-Terrain Mastery /

Equipped with 3x 16″ all-terrain tires, your FIGHTER is ready to face any challenge. Whether it’s a rocky hill or a smooth road, these nitrogen-filled and balanced tires are your trusty companions.


Engineered to perfection, it’s not just a crowd control and firefighting system—it’s an experience that redefines safety and efficiency. With FIGHTER, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in peace of mind.

A Revolution in Firefighting_

/ The Tank, Reimagined /

The 1000L hot-dip galvanized steel tank is not just a tank; it’s a fortress for water. Designed with baffles, it ensures that the water stays where it needs to be, even in the most challenging conditions.

/ Power Meets Precision /

At the heart of the FIGHTER is the Grundfos NK Single Impeller End-suction pump, powered by a Baudouin 30kW Diesel Engine. It’s not just a pump; it’s the pulse of your FIGHTER, ensuring that you have the power and reliability when you need it the most.

Control the fight_

/ The Monitor /

The oscillating monitor with a smooth-bore nozzle is your control center. With automatic pressure control and a powder-coated black finish.

/ Refill, Effortlessly /

With 2x instantaneous couplings (65mm), refilling your FIGHTER is as easy as possible. A single hydrant is all you need for intermittent operation, making it the epitome of convenience.

Designed for Tomorrow_

/ Operating Parameters /

With 850 – 950lpm @ 7 – 9bar and 15 liters/second in short bursts, your FIGHTER is built for the future, ready to meet the demands of firefighting and crowd control.

/ The Chassis /

The RMW Modular powder-coated chassis comes with an integrated fuel tank of 60L, making it a marvel of modern engineering.


Are standard configurations not fitting your needs or budget? Need a specific price-to-performance ratio?

FIGHTER CUSTOM is the optimized solution for you – exactly what you want, nothing less.